Spanning twenty years, GG Productions has concentrated on providing clients with leading edge technology in all aspects of new media, multimedia, Internet design and development, video production, and graphic arts. We have managed projects on a contract basis with many major corporations and our ideas have been used successfully in a variety of environments. We pride ourselves on bringing a broader perspective to presentation planning. Multimedia, video and screen presentations that we’ve designed and produced have made a significant difference in the success of many high level presentations and, in winning new business.

Services that we can provide include: Web design, development, programming and event web casting; CD-ROM design, development and production; video production, (including shooting and editing); Kiosk design and development; audio production and video tape duplication (including foreign conversions).

In addition to having our own video editing and recording studio on premises, we are associated with other studios and can customize our services to enhance any presentation you might be planning.

As an independent video production/multimedia planner and project manager, we can offer you the best in A/V services for any presentation at the most reasonable costs and still meet your critical time deadlines. We’ve often been complimented that our services have put that special touch on a project, while enabling the objectives to be met successfully.

Some of the clients who we do work for worldwide include; Council on Foreign Relations, United Stated Postal Service, Adelphi University, Spring O'Brien, Leviton Industries, Bravo Spain, Waterford, Harvey Eletronics, Cypress Board of Tourism, Morocco Board of Tourism, Austrian Board of Tourism, The Alps, Palisades Interstate Park Commission, Chase Manhattan Bank, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, The Bank of New York, Bayer Cipro, Halls, Keepsake Jewelry, Home Shopping Network, Vaire Industries, Web Street, Nemesis Music, Thomas Register, New York University, The City of New York and J.Walter Thompson.

Bios coming soon.